What You Need to Know from Apple’s “Time Flies” Event

apple time flies event invitation

Written by Chris Mayhew

September 16, 2020

Typically this time of year, there is excitement around Apple, new iPhones, new Apple Watches, and new software for all devices. Yesterday’s event seemed lackluster because this did not happen as history has scripted these events. It disappointed millions of people who were anxiously waiting to find out when they would be able to upgrade to the iPhone 12. However, some highlights do need to be discussed.

Apple Watch Series 6

Yes, there is a new Apple Watch Series 6. I didn’t care much for this and was ready for it to be over. Besides the inclusion of fall detection, ECG, and now an oxygen sensor with the Series 6, which I understand all of these are extremely important to some and their health, the Apple Watch upgrades haven’t been worth it to me for the past few years.

apple watch series 6 with multiple bands

Today the Apple Watch Series 6 is an upgrade I will be looking into since I am still rolling with an Apple Watch Series 3. Unless you are into the new blue color or need some new health features such as the oxygen sensor or sleep sensor, an Apple Watch within the past year or two will still support you just fine. I would hold out until next year. However, there is a cool new Apple service that works with the Apple Watch that will be a game-changer.

You can get more details on the Apple Watch Series 6 here.

Apple Fitness+

The timing for the roll-out of Apple’s Fitness+ couldn’t have been better. Millions of Americans are stuck at home due to the pandemic and trying to find ways of staying active. While some may be venturing out to gyms, most are not, and this service will change the way we track, monitor, and stay on top of our health in the comfort of our own homes.

apple fitness plus on multiple apple devices

Apple Fitness+ will integrate the metrics you get from workouts on Apple Watch and motivational music from Apple Music to “inspire like no other workout in the world.” A pretty bold statement from Apple, right?! Workout programs will be available to all types, from beginner to advanced. You will enjoy these workouts with world-class trainers, get new exercises weekly, and workout when and where you want.

Working out in the comfort of my own home does sound pretty fantastic! If you want to be notified when Fitness+ is ready to roll out, check out Apple’s website here.

Apple One

For me, Apple One is the game-changer that I have personally been waiting for. If you didn’t hear, this is where Apple is bundling its services and providing you different bundle options. For those already in the Apple ecosystem and purchasing a couple of services, this may be an excellent upgrade for only a few bucks per month more.

For example, between Apple Music, Apple TV+, and iCloud storage, I am already paying $30 per month. Now with Apple One, I will be spending the same amount, but I will also benefit from Apple Fitness+, Apple News+, and Apple Arcade. I can also share this with my family with the configuration of Family Sharing. It is a no-brainer.

Ultimately, the lack of a new iPhone made yesterday’s announcement extremely disappointing. For me and the way I like to use my Apple devices for business, personal, and with my family, yesterday’s announcement was freaking awesome!

Dig deeper into the “Time Flies” event and watch for yourself. There are many things I didn’t discuss here that may be of interest. Hopefully, you will also find some value in these services. Oh, and don’t worry, the iPhone 12 is still coming and will have an event of its own.

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