What Makes a Good Website? The Useful Stuff (Part 3 of 3)

image of multiple device showing a landing page which is the most important website tool

Written by Chris Mayhew

July 29, 2021

As we have pointed out in our first two articles in our series (part 1 and part 2), web development is not easy. There are a ton of important website tools to consider. When designing a website, the visitor must be on the top of your mind, and all you do is geared towards capturing their attention and keeping them engaged. You want to provide information in an exciting and organized manner to make it easy for the visitor to complete the desired action.

However, there’s also a need to think about yourself, the site owner. You want to build your website so it is easy for you to manage, update, keep secure, and have features that positively impact your business. With that being said, what is the useful stuff in website design that takes care of your needs as well? Continue reading to find out some important website tools and why there are essential to have a highly effective website.

Landing Pages

Your main goal in business is to make sales, and the first step to achieving this goal is to generate leads. A good web design helps with that. Unfortunately, you may not be very successful in this quest if your website lacks a landing page. It forms an indispensable part of lead generation marketing and is probably your most important website tool.

You’re probably wondering what a landing page is and why you have to create it differently from the rest of the pages. The landing page exists on your website for the sole aim of convincing your website visitors to take a specific action. It could be as simple as sharing an article on social media, filling out a form for free content you are offering, or make a purchase.

The conversions from the landing page are usually higher than what you would get from, say, the home page or any other regular web page. This is because it receives highly targeted traffic due to SEO optimization for your target audience.

Importance of a Landing Page 

The landing page is crucial because it:

  • It helps you generate leads to begin a qualification process to move the visitors through the sales process.
  • Collects crucial prospect demographics
  • Tracks data to help you understand how engaged your prospects are
  • Removes distractions and friction
  • It helps you test and optimizes how well your site is performing based on factors like headlines, copy, and images.
  • It functions as a form of social proof if you include testimonials from other people who have received your content and liked it.
  • It helps tell search engines what you’re all about

If you’re unsure what to capture on your landing page, let a professional content creator help you achieve the best results for your website.

Email Marketing Integration

Email marketing is still a crucial component of digital marketing and should be included in any web design. However, email marketing will not do much for your website if you don’t use it correctly. Check the call to action you have in your newsletters and how it serves your prospects in the buyer journey.

For example, do you still send “Sign-up to our amazing newsletter” to already existing clients? Do you have a welcome series for new subscribers or cart abandoned series for potential customers who may have left your site before making a purchase? If you answered yes to the first question and no to the other two, then you’re missing out on the purpose of email marketing.

It would be best to have triggers for immediate follow-up for all your site visitors, depending on their intention. Email automation will make the entire process easier for you, helping you convert missed opportunities into new chances to create stronger customer relationships and increase conversions. Ensure that you also:

  • Personalize your emails for more meaningful relationships
  • Engage your contacts in a simple and cost-effective manner
  • Conduct A/B testing to gain valuable insights into your marketing efforts
  • Bridge the gap between all your marketing channels: you don’t want to generate leads but not follow up to close sales
  • Set up email marketing sign-up forms

When you rely on the power of automation, you can supercharge your email marketing strategy and get the most out of it without overworking yourself. The bottom line of your business will thank you.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is also part of the useful stuff in website design and helps a business owner understand the user experience. It is an important website tool for a business owner, and one of the most used digital analytics software available. Best of all, it is free! When incorporated into your web development, it provides a platform for you to get an in-depth analysis of the visitors to your website. For example, you can find out the details of the people that visit your site, how long they stay, and the pages they interact with.

You can quickly determine if the inner structure of your site is achieving its purpose or not. With this information, you can easily shape your business’s success strategy and tweak your web design if necessary. Regardless of the industry, you operate in; you want to study the behavior of your site visitors to enhance their experience.

Here are more reasons to use the Google Analytics tool:

  • Did we mention it is free to use?
  • Provides automatic data collection
  • Allows you to create customized reports
  • Easily integrates with other tools and platforms
  • It allows you to measure internal site search
  • Provides you with valuable data and demographics about your visitors
  • It helps you decide which platforms to target more
  • It helps you understand the kind of content to provide
  • You can quickly determine if you’re achieving your goals

Google Analytics can help your business to advance by providing valuable insights to improve performance and increase conversions.

Free Content

Adding fresh content to your site creates a tremendous effect that helps your pages rank higher on Google search results. Ranking higher in search due to updating your content directly impacts the traffic to your website. Thus, increasing the number of prospects surfing the web for your services later become your customers. However, you must effectively work on all your marketing channels to ensure you don’t lose potential clients for lack of appropriate action.

For the content you post to your site to drive traffic, ensure you conduct a keyword analysis. This will help you identify the most commonly used search terms and create content around them. You also must remember to optimize the content for search engines (commonly known as SEO). Getting an expert to help you in this area would yield the best results.

You want to make sure you are posting your content regularly, and don’t forget to set aside a budget for SEO. Let an SEO expert help you in this area. The more resources you dedicate to creating relevant and optimized content, the better your chances of increasing traffic to your site and landing that next sale.

Consider providing downloadable content as well, often referred to as whitepapers. These whitepapers are typically guides that support your user in resolving an issue or educating them on a specific topic. Having a form for them to enter their name and email address will help grow your email marketing list and generate more leads. Therefore, if you are an expert on a specific topic, write about it and share it. It will help enhance your website visibility.

Live Chat

Incorporating a live chat feature into your website will enhance customer engagement and increase your sales. The feature opens up a new, instant, and friendly communication channel. The advantages of having a live chat include:

  • It improves the customer support experience
  • Enhances customer acquisition and onboarding
  • Provides a platform for your agents to build rapport with customers
  • Reduces repetition for your customers as the chat history is readily available for reference
  • Boosts the productivity of your team as they can juggle more than one chat at a time
  • Live chat allows you to provide 24/7 support to your customers

Live chat can give you a competitive edge over your rivals. When your team is readily available for customers, they will be more willing to do business with you. It also reduces the time it takes for a prospective client to complete the purchase process.

Final Thoughts 

Creating a website is not just about what you can give your website visitors and the user experience. It’s also about how you can make web development work to your advantage. This is why it’s crucial to incorporate a landing page, live chat feature, email marketing, Google Analytics, and as much free content that you can generate. These important website tools will work towards helping you achieve your overall goals, which are to have more site traffic, increase leads, and make more sales.

Creating a website, whether from scratch or just trying to enhance its functionality, can be an uphill task. However, working with an expert who understands the basics and the details can save you time and resources. Professionals at SimpleTech are available to offer you the support and guidance you need. Talk to us today to book your initial consultation.

FYI: Want to see how your current website stacks up? Run our free audit tool. While you’re at it, don’t forget to check out our WordPress care plans because keeping your site up to date and secure is the most important website tool of all!

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