What is Endpoint Security?

endpoint security

Written by Cailey Gibson

May 7, 2020

Today, having endpoint security for your business is a must. We are seeing more cyberattacks and hackers are always innovating. Therefore, there is a rise in breaches and it is getting more and more costly for businesses not to be protected. In a survey conducted by Security Boulevard, “73% of respondents noted an increase in new or unknown attacks against their organizations”. 

On top of the increase in security attacks, we are changing the way we work and increasing the number of devices used which is necessary for business today. These changes are increasing security risks by creating more entry points for attackers and are leading more organizations to adopt Endpoint Security as one of the easy cybersecurity steps

Endpoint security software is used to secure end-user devices like desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. These endpoint devices are points of access to a network and can be exploited by hackers to get access to the network as a whole and all the company data.

You may be thinking, that sounds a lot like antivirus software. How is endpoint security software different from ant-virus software? That is a good question. Endpoint security helps protect the network as a whole and different types of malicious attacks, while antivirus software focuses on just that – stopping viruses. 

It’s like when you own a house and you install a security system on all the doors and windows and you also have a lock on the front door. Endpoint security is the whole home security system and the antivirus software is the lock on the door. It is one piece of the entire security suite.

Why is Endpoint Security Important?

Back when company computers were all desktops connected to the network and the internet was new, the main way for hackers to attack your system was through malicious software. Now there are a variety of ways your endpoint systems can be attacked from the outside.

Today companies allow employees to bring their own devices, work remotely or from home, and travel with their devices typically connecting to a variety of Wi-Fi networks that may or may not be secure. All of these factors have opened up endpoint devices like smartphones and tablets to attacks. 

Some common styles of attacks used to infiltrate endpoint devices are listed below: 

  • Portable executables (malware)
  • Potentially unwanted applications (PUA)
  • Ransomware
  • Exploit-based and file-less attacks

Of those listed, malware is the most common form of attack but you should look at solutions that address all of those security threats to cover all your gaps. We use Bitdefender Endpoint Security which addresses those common attacks using both traditional and next-gen methods to secure your endpoint devices. 

How Does Endpoint Security Work?

Endpoint security software uses a two-pronged approach to secure your device and your network by having security on the device and centralized security for the network. Endpoint security systems have two main components: encryption methods and application control. Encryption methods are used to protect against data leaks and loss while application control prevents users from adding unauthorized applications to an endpoint device that may add security risks. 

Standard Features you’ll find included in an endpoint security system include: 

  • Anti-malware/antivirus
  • Application lockdown
  • Behavioral monitoring/Host Intrusion Prevention Systems (HIPS)
  • Web protection
  • Web control
  • Data loss prevention (DLP)

There are many types of Endpoint Security which range from taking on specific focuses like email security to robust solutions that provide a full range of security and solutions built for small businesses to ones that cater to enterprise organizations.

Bitdefender Endpoint Security has all these features and more to secure your devices which is why we suggest their solution for endpoint security and use it for our clients. That being said, we are happy to help you determine your security needs and the best solutions for your organization. Schedule a consultation today to receive help with your Apple security needs.

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