Mac Tech Support for Small Business

Mac Tech Support

Just like a car, a Mac needs some routine maintenance and a little love. We employ the latest diagnostic skills that are constantly up-to-date through available Apple resources. 


Looking for support beyond the Mac? If it is Apple-related, our support services have you covered. No matter what the Apple product – iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac – we’re on call for setups, tuneups, user slip-ups, and system hiccups.


Tech headaches are out. SimpleTech is in.


Data Migrations

Transferring data to your new Mac can be a little scary. Be confident that your data is getting migrated from one computer – Windows or Mac – to your new Mac. When you verify the data looks good, we’ll erase the old one and recycle it for you.


Nothing is more frustrating than seeing that spinning colored wheel “of death” while you are trying to work. Like a car, sometimes your computer needs a little love and tune ups can do the trick.

Backups & Data Recovery

There is nothing worse than the sick feeling that you just lost all of your data. We understand how stressful these situations can be (wedding photos!). Let us help create a backup solution or attempt a data recovery for you.


Having a reliable network is critical in running businesses today. Slow network performance can be caused by things like poor cable quality, failing network hardware, or internet service issues. Get a network evaluation today.

Office 365

When it comes to productivity software, Microsoft is still king. Get help integrating and understanding Office 365 services so you can make the most of them.


Apple products are extremely reliable, but sometimes things don’t go as expected. Be sure to have someone on your side when those moments occur. You will be happy you did.

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