How to Choose an Apple Managed Service Provider

an iPad, a Macbook Pro and an iMac with apple keyboard on a desk for an apple managed IT services consultation

Written by Cailey Gibson

December 24, 2019

What is Apple Managed Services?

Apple managed services is when you outsource your IT department needs to a third-party company called a managed service provider, or MSP, that supports your Apple products. Outsourced managed IT services aren’t only for emergencies but for crisis prevention. As a small business, this can save you money instead of hiring a full time IT employee. Or, as a mid-large business, it can address all your IT needs with fewer full-time employees. 

No matter what stage your business is at, hiring an Apple managed service provider can save you thousands of dollars. Hiring a third-party provider keeps more money in your pocket and provides guidance and expert support for Apple products. Overall, you increase efficiency and reduce IT-related risks by hiring an Apple managed service provider. 

Information Technology is a field filled with technical jargon, and it can be hard to hire the right company to provide Apple managed IT services. Hiring the wrong person can spell disaster for your company either through their lack of knowledge or malicious activities. Below, we’ve provided a guide for how to choose the right Apple managed service provider.  

1. Knowledge of the Industry

Find out what their industry knowledge is. Do they only know the industry from working on their computer at home, or have they worked in Apple managed IT services for years? Are they just starting and have basic knowledge, or are they an expert with years in the industry? Are they knowledgeable about PCs but have only a couple of years of experience working with Apple products? Ask questions to find out their experience level and validate their claims. 

2. Quality References

In addition to asking about their knowledge level, ask for references that you can call to verify their quality of service. You don’t want to hand over your technology to the wrong Apple managed service provider who will hold your information hostage. 

Also, check their online presence for reviews. Although reviews should be taken with a grain of salt since not all reviews are real, it’s an excellent way to confirm they don’t have a terrible reputation and that they are a legitimate managed services provider. 

3. Works When Your System Does

When looking to hire an IT managed services provider, confirm they respond to issues after hours and on weekends. Your system may go down on the weekend, and if they only work 9-5, this could present problems for your business. Even if you only work 9-5, if your technology has an issue outside business hours, you don’t want to wait for a resolution until your open since it will disrupt your business. 

4. Response Time

Likewise, you want an Apple managed IT service provider who responds quickly. Check the service level agreement (SLA) and response time to confirm that you will receive a quick reply when an emergency occurs. If you’re an eCommerce company, you don’t want your computer to breakdown because of a virus and not receive a response from your IT managed service provider for hours. 

To this point, it should be easy to get a hold of your managed IT service provider during emergencies. Make sure your only means of contacting them isn’t email or an office line that only reaches them sometimes.

5. Trusted Advisor

Finally, confirm that they do more than just support. IT is a complex industry, and you want someone who is in your corner and can advise you on IT needs. You want someone who can help you buy what you need and help you prevent issues before they arise. 

If you are looking to hire a company for Apple managed IT services, contact SimpleTech for a free consultation. We have over 11 years in the IT space, specifically in Apple services. We are also Certified Apple Consultants providing another degree of verification on quality of service. We also work when you need us and respond quickly when emergencies pop-up. Set up an appointment with us to learn about our services and how we can help your business. 

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