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Apple Computer Support from the Apple Genius Bar

Written by Chris Mayhew

March 18, 2021

Apple’s popularity has been growing steadily over the years as more and more people buy its devices. Apple’s devices are considered superior to the competition, but they also have their shortcomings. To this end, more people need help using the Apple iOS and MacOS devices than ever before.

Unfortunately, help is not always guaranteed at Apple Genius Bars. Here is a comprehensive overview of what is wrong with the Apple Genius Bar–and how the Apple Consultant Network can help.

Deteriorating Quality of Services at Apple Genius Bars

Apple Genius Bars have been accused of a range of shortcomings, including some that sound bizarre but are true. Some of the common setbacks of working with the Apple Genius Bar include:

Delayed Response Times

The Apple Genius Bar used to be the go-to source for help with your Apple devices. All you had to do was walk into an Apple Genius Bar with your device, book an appointment, and get help within an hour.

However, you now have to wait for days to book an appointment for Apple computer support. You have to wait even longer if you are dealing with a software-related problem, as Apple support prioritizes hardware-related problems. The delay times are also expected to get longer as more people join the queue.

Unreliable Solutions

Apple labeled its customer support personnel geniuses because they are expected to be smart. Many of them are tech-savvy, but they don’t have a solution to every problem, including common, repetitive problems.

Many customers have complained of not getting the correct solutions to their problems for reasons such as misunderstanding or incompetence. For example, Apple’s customer support desk often redirects users to online forums and FAQs where they can find solutions to their problems. This is thoughtful, but it also entails sifting through tons of information–and many users don’t always know what information to look for.


Finding Apple Computer Support Outside of Apple: Apple Consultants Network

Apple Genius Bars do not have a monopoly over Apple’s technical support services. In fact, they are not the most popular source of help, considering their growing shortcomings. The Apple Consultants Network is a better alternative source of help.

Apple Consultants Network is comprised of independent IT technicians offering support services and solutions for Apple’s products. These IT technicians can be individuals or IT companies, but they all must be certified by Apple to offer these services.

Apple Consultants Network is a better alternative to Apple Genius Bars for a range of reasons, including:

Saving Time

It can take days before the Apple Genius Bar personnel can address your problem, as mentioned. Fortunately, there are no queues at the Apple Consultants Network. In fact, independent consultants endeavor to respond quickly to users’ queries to remain competitive. It also helps that there are more Apple consultants than there are Genius Bars–and many of them have better resources than the latter. Consequently, consulting a certified Apple consultant will save you some valuable time.

Reducing Downtime

Problems with your Apple products can cause downtimes for your business. For example, you may not be able to take calls or orders from your customers when communications are down.

Apple consultants respond almost immediately to users’ queries–usually within an hour. They are also quick in exploring and implementing solutions to users’ problems. Consequently, you can avoid long and costly downtimes, especially for businesses.

Saving Money

Problems with your Apple products can cost you money, especially if you are a business user. For example, you may lose customers every minute your communication channels are not working.

Apple consultants’ services come at a fee, but it is always worth the quality of services. It is also more affordable than hiring an in-house IT department. More importantly, it will save you money by reducing the costs associated with downtime. Interestingly, it can also help you make more money by optimizing efficiency in your Apple IT systems.

Accurate Solutions

Apple Genius Bars have often been accused of administering wrong or ineffective solutions. However, independent consultants cannot afford to make similar mistakes, as it would ruin their reputation and competitiveness. More importantly, they have the necessary resources to guarantee pinpoint accuracy in all of their solutions.

Independent Apple consultants are talented and rigorously trained. Additionally, they work in teams of experts in different specialties–and so no problem is too complex to solve.

SimpleTech – Reno’s Choice for Apple Computer Support

SimpleTech is one of the best independent Apple consultants – and the best Apple customer support provider in Reno, NV. We have more than 12 years of experience serving individuals and businesses in the city – and a stellar reputation. It has a team of talented IT experts specializing in virtually all fields of Apple technology. This means that we have solutions for virtually every problem.

SimpleTech is a mobile-based solutions provider, meaning that we will bring their support services right to your doorstep. We can also monitor your Apple systems round-the-clock to prevent all foreseen and unforeseen complications. Get in touch via (775) 742-0110 or send an email to to solicit our services or learn more about how we can help.

Final Thoughts

Apple makes some of the best tech products in the industry. However, these products can still develop hardware and software complications. You will need immediate help when that happens. Your local Reno Apple Genius Bar may not be the best go-to solution provider, but an independent Apple consultant will try to offer the best quality of services–and SimpleTech is the best Apple consultant in Reno and Lake Tahoe.

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