6 Reasons Your Business Needs an MDM Solution

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Written by Cailey Gibson

February 11, 2020

Are you always on the go, reading emails on your phone while waiting in line, taking calls while driving, and working from home on your laptop? It seems to be the new pace of life, and luckily the technological advancements are accommodating this lifestyle. As a business owner, having your business run from multiple devices adds more security gaps and inefficiencies. If you then include a whole team of employees using multiple devices, you and your IT team will have their hands full. Enter Mobile Device Management.

And if you don’t have an IT team, or even a person helping you with your IT needs… well, you’ll want to read this article about Mobile Device Management (and maybe set up a free consultation). 

So, What is Mobile Device Management?

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a solution that helps your business oversee and control all your devices across your business. MDM services can help protect your data, increase your productivity, and so much more. Your business reaps multiple benefits by having all your company devices on a mobile device management solution. Let’s break them down. 

  1. Increased Security 

First and foremost on the list of benefits, MDM services provide increased security. By having mobile device management, you are setting business data protection at the App level. App level data protection prevents sensitive information from being shared with other Apps, devices, or individuals. 

In simple terms, an MDM solution keeps personal information on an employee’s device separate from company data. Therefore, if a device is lost or stolen, company data and Apps can easily be protected from falling into the wrong hands.

  1. Compliance

Another benefit of MDM services is meeting compliance regulations. Some businesses require MDM services to meet government regulations. For instance, you may need to have a secure mobile emailing configuration. You also may need to have the ability to segment business from personal data and the ability to wipe corporate data if required. 

  1. Application Control

By having MDM services, you can control the Apps crucial to your business. As mentioned, being able to work at the application level provides consistent security across all devices that are working together. At the core of any healthy cybersecurity plan is keeping your Apps up-to-date. Using a mobile device management solution, you can update Apps remotely, keeping your App data safe, and your employees spending less time managing their devices and so they can do what they do best. 

  1. Manage Users

The ability to create custom setups doesn’t just apply to applications. By having MDM services, you can create individualized settings for each device down to the background image. By having mobile device management, you can manage users and provide individual settings.

As an example, your marketing specialist may need access to Facebook. Does anyone else need access to Facebook, which we all know causes distractions and cuts down on productivity?

You may also want to control the hours of a workday in which an App can be used, deterring employees from checking Snapchat, posting to Instagram, or spending time on other social media platforms instead of working on projects or responding to urgent emails. 

The other benefit of having MDM services is you can disable or disconnect unauthorized users and Apps if an employee is relieved of their services for not working and spending all their time posting selfies to Instagram. 

  1. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Mobile Device Management allows you to have flexibility in which devices you offer as well. For instance, some employees may prefer Apple devices, while others prefer having an Android. Or maybe you want to allow your employees to bring their own devices, saving you the expense of additional company-owned assets. 

Bring your own device or BYOD setup has many benefits for your company, and we can help you set up all your employees on mobile device management, whether you’re providing company devices or opting for a BYOD structure. 

  1. Easy Device Registration

Lastly, whether you choose to provide devices or let your employees bring their own, it’s easy to register the devices on the network with MDM services. Users receive an email, and they set up the device in an appropriate manner. For instance, they will receive the email, which will have a link to set up their device. In the process, they will need to download and verify certain security measures to meet compliance and protect data.

When you connect Apple Business Manager to your MDM solution, the minute a device connects to a network, it can be configured automatically — saving you time and money by reducing setup times and get your team working ASAP.

Business owners using more than one device, or you have employees accessing information from multiple devices, you should look into getting MDM services. 

SimpleTech can help you set up and control your mobile device management. Giving you peace of mind on how company data is being accessed, by whom, and keep your team running efficiently. 

Set up a free consultation today to start learning how to manage your devices or check out our SimpleTech Monitoring to support your business needs.

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