3 Easy Steps for Business Cybersecurity Protection

person using a mac with business cybersecurity prevention

Written by Cailey Gibson

January 14, 2020

Business cybersecurity protection for 2020 should be a priority for all businesses when it comes to their IT infrastructure. With State actors increasing their efforts to impact American life and ransomware costing companies $75 billion a year, cybersecurity threats are becoming more frequent with an attack occurring on average every 39 seconds. Hence why business cybersecurity protection is critical in today’s business environment.

In the past, attacks were a single step, usually with something as simple as a phishing email that would tell you a rich prince in Nigeria was dying and wanted to give you all his money. When you responded, they would ask for your bank information so they could send you your new-found wealth. (I am still waiting for mine.)

Nowadays, cybercrime includes malware, ransomware, phishing messages through email and text, and are usually multi-step processes. Frequently the attack quickly spreads throughout your network, ultimately putting your entire business at risk. Although times have changed, the common thread between then and now is the exploitation of human behavior.

As we continue to rely more and more on technology, we are at a higher risk of malicious cyberattacks. And as hacker’s methods have become more sophisticated, so have security systems for cyberattack prevention. Below we provide 3 easy steps for cyberattack prevention to keep your business safe.

1. Employee Visibility and Training

Of course, the majority of cyberattacks still rely on hacking human behavior. The first line of defense your company needs for successful cyberattack prevention is training for you and your employees. Random email tests and regular training in a real-life activity achieve the best results.

According to Sophos, on average small businesses see a 31% reduction in phishing susceptibility after just four Phish Threat training email campaigns. Our Phish Threat simulation is designed to teach your employees the signs of a phishing email or traps and keep it front of mind. When your employees are confronted with an email phishing attempt, they will know how to handle it and prevent the malware from getting onto your network.

2. Email Protection

Although endpoint software can help protect against malware, phishing emails are the most common way for hackers to deliver their malware as opposed to websites, files, or other delivery methods. Phishing emails are when hackers send false messages via email to obtain valuable information.

In the past, emails that piqued your interest and seemed too good to be true were the most common form of phishing attempts. As fewer people click on those emails, the phishing emails have evolved to spark urgency and panic, such as mimicking HR emails saying you need to complete harassment training immediately or that you’re being hit with a traffic citation.

As their methods have advanced, so has the ability to track and prevent phishing emails from even getting through. With 67% of businesses experience phishing attacks weekly or more frequently, Bitdefender Email Security is excellent at catching those emails before they land in your inbox.

3. Endpoint Protection

After taking the time to train your employees and blocking malicious emails, there is still no guarantee that you are protected. Proper endpoint security or endpoint protection is the last cybersecurity measure that is easy to implement to protect your business.

Endpoint cybersecurity services secure your computers, including servers and mobile devices. Endpoint security software has drastically advanced to protect against:

  • Malware
  • Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUA)
  • Ransomware
  • Exploit-based and file-less attacks

The endpoint security market is full of hype and extravagant claims. At SimpleTech, we use Bitdefender security for proven endpoint protection when providing business cybersecurity services. It’s the leading endpoint protection software for cyberattack prevention, detects about four hundred thousand new malware packages daily, and can detect known and unknown viruses – the most significant gap for most cybersecurity software today.

Most businesses don’t have the budget or experience to implement business cybersecurity protection. SimpleTech works with you to keep your business and information safe by providing you with the best cybersecurity service. Keeping your business secure. Contact us today to get a free consultation on your business’s cybersecurity protection.

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