3 Benefits of a Certified Apple Consultant

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Written by Cailey Gibson

December 10, 2019

IT is a broad field, with various sections that are continually changing like networking, security, mobile device management, systems analysis, to name a few. Let’s not forget the different operating systems like Windows, Mac, or Linux. On top of that, IT is an area filled with technical jargon making it challenging to learn and keep up. 

As a business owner, it can be hard to manage your IT needs between learning the language, staying up on changes, and keeping apprised of new types of malware surfacing every day. When you stray from the PC world, add in a mix of iPhone and Android devices, employees who use their work computer as their home computer, and other variables, it becomes even more difficult. But technology is something that every company uses and needs to maintain, no matter the size. 

Luckily there are services to help you navigate the IT world, and if you or your employees are using Apple technology, it’s best to get a Certified Apple Consultant. Even if you only have employees with iPhones, you can benefit from Apple certified technician services. 

1. Avoid Mistakes and Setbacks

By using a Certified Apple Consultant for your managed IT services, you reduce the risk of making costly mistakes or losing time you could be spending on building your business. 

Trying to find answers on Google can be confusing. The IT industry is filled with technical jargon that will take you down rabbit holes, causing you to spend valuable time simply trying to understand what the website even says about the problem before you can even begin to find a solution. You also need to be aware of outdated information that doesn’t work with your software version or potentially creates a different issue altogether. 

Those are the best-case scenario. The IT world is filled with scams waiting for people who don’t know what they’re doing. For instance, you may be on a legitimate website when a pop-up appears saying you have a virus or Flash needs an update. When you’ve downloaded the software thinking you’re preventing attacks and keeping your computer up-to-date, surprise, you’ve actually installed malware on your computer. 

By hiring an Apple certified technician, you can avoid these mishaps, saving yourself the frustration and potential devastation by trying to do it yourself. 

2. Reduce Downtime

In addition to saving the time you spend learning, having a Certified Apple Consultant helps you reduce downtime. Not only do we fix issues faster when they arise, but we also can prevent problems that would have occurred because we keep up on current issues and IT trends, allowing us to close the gaps before there can be a breach in security. 

We at SimpleTech provide managed IT services when you work. If you’re a lawyer working a weekend to finish a memo and there’s a networking issue, we’ve got you; or you’re an accountant working a late-night because it’s tax season, we can help. Having us as your Certified Apple Consultant means you have a safety net to keep your business running when you need it.

3. Stay up to Date

Part of preventing downtime and keeping your business running is staying ahead of the curve. Keeping up to date on new virus, installing system patches when released, and generally knowing the news of the industry prevents more issues than you know. Over 350,000 new forms of malware are created every day. 

Outdated software allows for these new programs to get in and affect your business. You want to upgrade your systems to keep your business safe, not just to try out the cool new features. Hiring a Certified Apple Consultant means you don’t have to sweat the details, we will. 

Overall, hiring an Apple certified technician will save you time and money. Instead of spending your time trying to learn the jargon, preventing issues, and resolving issues as they occur (if you even know they’re there), you can spend your time building your business. 

If you’re spending your time wearing a managed IT services hat when you could be spending the time building your business, you’re missing out on sales and probably taking longer than an Apple certified technician would. In short, you’re spending more time costing yourself revenue than it would cost to hire an expert. If something breaks or gets infected, that can be an expensive fix as well, which a Certified Apple Consultant can prevent. 

Working with SimpleTech for your managed IT services will save you time and money and give you quality service. We care about your business like it is our own, which is why we pay attention to the details, so you don’t have to. We develop a relationship with you to understand your goals and provide services for your individual needs. When you work with SimpleTech, you get peace of mind about your technology and a partner in the community. Set up an appointment today for a free consultation.

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