Advantages of using text shortcuts on iPhone and iPad

There are many advantages to using keyboard shortcuts on iPhone and iPad. Keyboard shortcuts can be created using the Text Replacement feature in the iOS Settings and is, in my opinion, one of the greatest tools available. However, the keyboard shortcuts are very under utilized. Think about all the times you type the same thing over and over, or words you constantly misspell. There is a fix for that.

Advantages of using keyboard shortcuts on iPhone and iPad:

  1. Constantly misspelled words
  2. Email addresses
  3. Social media hashtags
  4. Emojis
  5. Contact information
  6. Special symbols
  7. HTML code
  8. Siri Corrections

If you are using the same iCloud account across all of your Apple devices, including a Mac, the text replacement shortcut you have created will stay in sync. So next time you type in your shortcut on a Mac, it will work the same as on your iPhone. 

How to create keyboard shortcuts on iPhone or iPad:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Select General
  3. Choose Keyboard
  4. Tap Text Replacement

    iOS settings text replacement
  5. Tap + to create a new shortcut
  6. Type in the Phrase
  7. Type in your Shortcut

    text replacement shortcut example
  8. Select Save

Now the next time you go to type in the information you created the text shortcut for, use the shortcut you created and simplify your life! Here is a short list of how I use some of mine. Hope it helps!

SimpleTech example text shortcuts

Pro tips for using keyboard shortcuts on iPhone and iPad:

  1. If you already have the information available to copy, copy that information prior to going through the steps above. Then simply paste it in the Phrase section.
  2. Don’t use a shortcut like ‘email’ for populating your email address. You type that word in more than you realize.
  3. Only use letters for shortcuts, this prevents you from having to jump back and forth between keyboards.