Recap: Apple’s October 30th Announcement – Where do they get all these wonderful toys?

Every time Apple has a product announcement I hear Jack Nicholson as the Joker saying, “where do they get all these wonderful toys?” Yesterday was another one of those days and Apple introduced the new iPad Pro, Mac Mini and MacBook Air.

So why is this important to your business?

As the year winds down, businesses begin to focus on the upcoming tax season and how to minimize their tax burden. One area they look to is upgrading or expanding their technology. With that, lets take a closer look at the three new products Apple introduced on October 30th that may meet your business needs.

iPad Pro

Apple is touting the iPad Pro “Like a computer. Unlike any computer.” When you look at the total sales of iPad versus total sales of ALL notebook computers, regardless of brand, it is hard to argue with Apple on how the iPad is changing the way we do mobile computing. So what features make this iPad Pro so great?

  • A12X Bionic Chip with a Neural Engine
  • Liquid Retina Display with an All-screen Design
  • Face ID for Secure Authentication
  • 10 Hours of Battery Life


These above items boil down to one thing for the iPad Pro – power and speed. The A12X Bionic chip will make the iPad Pro faster than most models of PC laptops and is powerful enough to do the work you need to. For instance, Adobe took time to demo Photoshop, a resource intensive application, on the new iPad Pro during the Apple event. It worked flawlessly.

The iPad Pro, with the addition of an Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard Folio, will transform the way people work on mobile devices. Check out more information from Apple here.

Mac Mini

The Mac Mini is the computer system that is near and dear to my heart. I personally use one as a home server and many clients I have also use it in the same capacity for files in their businesses. Apple is even touting this as “Part racehorse. All workhorse.” They claim this fact because the Mac Mini had its most significant upgrade since Late 2014 with the following specifications:

  • 6-core and quad-core processors
  • Up to 64GB of faster memory
  • USB-C, HDMI 2.0 and 10Gb Ethernet
  • Up to 2TB SSD Storage


So why are these specs important? Most importantly, it will have about 5x the speed of the Late 2014 Mac Mini models when processing information. If you work with large files or run virtual machines (Windows), then the new memory configurations will see speed boosts up to 7.8x faster than the previous model. And if speed is your thing, the SSD storage configuration options will have your computer hauling a**!

Want to learn more? Check out Apple’s site here.

MacBook Air

Talk about a machine needing an upgrade. I can’t remember the last time Apple made significant updates to the MacBook Air, until now. The MacBook Air has been one of Apple’s most popular portable machines, and “Lightness strikes again”.

  • Retina Display
  • Touch ID
  • Redesigned Keyboard and Force Trackpad
  • USB-C
  • Up to 12 Hours of Battery Life


With this update to the MacBook Air, Apple addressed two primary concerns I had with the previous versions – the non-Retina display and limited storage capacity configurations. If you are an existing MacBook Air owner and love it, then this upgrade is for you.

I believe one of the coolest features of the MacBook Air is the aluminum alloy Apple created to manufacture these units. Why? Because it is made from 100% recycled aluminum furthering Apple’s commitment to the environment and having a closed-loop supply chain.

As 2018 comes to a close and you are looking to reduce your tax burden, think about upgrading or purchasing new technology for your business. Then you will have a chance to play with these wonderful toys.